3 Ways to Dress Your Table with Pumpkins

Fall is my favorite season, a season of change; the time of year when leaves transform, awarding us with a show of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown autumn foliage. The temperature cools down to crisp air and fun times of gathering for (the things we miss this year), football games, and tailgating.
Its pumpkin season, time to decorate our homes for Thanksgiving taking our inspiration from outdoor colors. Each autumn, markets bring the outdoor pumpkin patch to their storefront. The parade of pumpkins ranges from the large jack- o- lanterns to a variety of shapes, textures, and sizes. The most common smaller pumpkins at the markets are; the pale white Baby Boos, the flattened shaped Orange Munchkins, and the orange or pale white Baby Tiger with its distinctive stripes. The larger Orange Bumpkins has a sturdy green stem that gives it height in an arrangement. Along with the beautiful colors of fall, pumpkins are natural elements for your autumn tablescape.

The single baby tiger with its green streak draws your eyes to the center of this arrangement and brings balance to the uneven number of pumpkins on each side.

Faux pumpkins, natural wood, white, and silver brings an airy and light feel to this tablescape.

To create a compact arrangement. I place the pumpkins on a silver tray, starting with large pumpkins, inserted the smaller ones, then filled the remaining space with candles.

This place setting, layered with galvanized tin chargers, purple and gold plates, and a combination of brown and blue beverage glasses along with the bright color of pumpkins, gives this tablescape a rustic, elegant, and modern feel.

If You are Really Thankful, What do you do? You Share.

W Clement Stone

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  1. What great suggestions, I love Fall too! I am an earth person. Love to dress my house and table.

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