Farmer’s Market Flowers

Flower Farmers during the spring and summer flowering season bring spectacular colors, a variety of textures, and plenty of beautiful flowers. These are a few arrangements I curated to keep my home feeling of joy since I’m home a lot like everyone else these days. I visit the farmers market on Saturdays to purchase flowers to keep my home brimming with color, make my space feel special, and bring an air of belonging. These are a few arrangements that I gathered together. Make your life more enjoyable with visits to the flower farmers stand and pick yourself a bouquet and bring a gratifying atmosphere to your home.

No fuss single bloom vase. Anemone flowers have a daisy-like shape. Their beautiful vibrant and lively colors let us know Spring has arrived. Anemone color range from white, pink, purple light-brown, red to dark purple. The beauty of their long upright stem brings a sense of joy and happiness to any room. At the market, the flower farmers pick them before the flower opens. Their heads will open and show their charm 3 to 6 days in a flower vase.

The neutral palette of these Globe Amaranth and Wheat Celosia flowers and the variety of textures make this monotones color scheme work. The gold accent on the teapot gives this arrangement a pop of color.

You will fall in love with the elegant timeless lisianthus. They are available as cut flowers at a local farmer’s market during the summer blooming season. What’s great about them is their hardiness, the blooms last 7-10 days. No need to trouble yourself with trying to make an arrangement with Lisianthus and other flowers, they are beautiful on their own, but if you like to mix things up they pair well with the daisy-like flower head of the zinnias. Color choices are blue, purple, white, and my favorite pink. Mix several colors together for a simple arrangement or use one color for a graceful centerpiece. The flower vendor at the market subjected that I add a little sugar solution to the water, to keep them happy.

“Limelight hydrangea and the fuzzy appearance of the “Teddy Bear sunflower makes a simple flower display. Its the type of arrangement that peeps at you from another room when you pass by. The oversize crystal vase gives weight to this colossal gathering of blooms and brings balance to the heaviness and length of the stems.

Cheerfulness is the very flower of health.

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  1. Jacque says:

    These flowers are beautiful and calming to the look. Appreciate you sharing this beauty.


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