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  • My Visit to Art in Bloom

    My Visit to Art in Bloom

    Attending the North Carolina Museum of Art’s annual Art in Bloom exhibit was on my list of things to do. The show was as beautiful as I expected! Art in Bloom offers forty-three stunning flower displays created by North Carolina-based floral designers with this year’s special guest Joseph Massie, from Liverpool, England. He is the…

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  • Boozy Hot Chocolate

    Boozy Hot Chocolate

    My favorite place to drink a cup of hot cocoa is sitting by the fireplace and sipping on a cup at my desk when I need an extra energy boost. It’s warming to sip on a steamy cup, and it brings a cozy feeling to the senses.  Keeping a jar of cocoa syrup in the…

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  • Dinner with Andre’

    Dinner with Andre’

    The first time André Leon Talley walked into the old location of our restaurant, then located at 405 West Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill, NC

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  • 3 Ways to Dress Your Table with Pumpkins

    3 Ways to Dress Your Table with Pumpkins

    Fall is my favorite season, a season of change; the time of year when leaves transform, awarding us with a show of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown autumn foliage. The temperature cools down to crisp air and fun times of gathering for (the things we miss this year), football games, and tailgating.It’s pumpkin season,…

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  • Granola From Scratch

    Granola From Scratch

    I am sharing my favorite granola recipe. What makes this granola delicious is the light fruity and rich flavor of the wildflower honey; the fragrance will arouse your senses. And the combination of rolled oats, nuts, and seeds gives it a delicate crisp. A delicious way to kick-start your morning, try a sprinkle over your…

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  • Farmer’s Market Flowers

    Farmer’s Market Flowers

    Flower Farmers during the spring and summer flowering season bring spectacular colors, a variety of textures, and plenty of beautiful flowers. These are a few arrangements I curated to keep my home feeling of joy since I’m home a lot like everyone else these days. I visit the farmers market on Saturdays to purchase flowers…

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  • Peach and Citrus Ice Cream

    Peach and Citrus Ice Cream

    Before you rush to your local grocery store or ice cream shop, treat your family and friends to homemade ice cream and delight will shine in their eyes. Ice cream is easy to make-not like the labor intensive manner of the past. In the 18th century, one had to be rich or of well means…

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  • Red White and Blue Table Setting

    Red White and Blue Table Setting

    When I was, curating this red, white, and blue color scheme tablescape for this post. I stepped outside to consider where I would position the table. I decided to use an old picnic table. It had been placed in the backyard near a creek, for quite some time. I managed to pull it up the…

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