You’re  Invited

img_55871There are many reason to entertain- to bring friends together from their busy schedules;meet-up for business and club meetings; to introduce people; to celebrate birthdays and holidays. The best reason is to have fun and share with others. Entertaining doesn’t have to be a large gathering. It could be inviting a friend over for dessert and coffee, having a couple of friends join you for dinner, or simply choosing a night of the week to have a special meal with your family.  With sufficient planning, you can be equally at ease and have as much fun having a larger function, such as a sit down plated dinner for 8 or a buffet dinner for 30, as having a smaller gathering. A great way to start is to entertain your family first. Then, entertain with a small number of guests. As you get the experience, you will gain confidence, and the better you will become at entertaining. Most of all enjoy yourself and your guest will appreciate your hospitality. Keep your positive and confident attitude and things will be great. Mostly importantly learn from your mistakes. It doesn’t matter if things are not perfect at first. Most of the time, you are the only one who knows it. Never tell your guest your mistakes. Be confident and no one will ever know. Always have a Plan B. In other words, if your salad course did not turn out right, skip that course and remove any silverware on the table for that part of the meal. One of the most exciting parts of having a party is setting a beautiful table and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that will delight your guest.  Make sure the type of party you decide upon reflects your true self. The best way to create the atmosphere is to rely on your personal preferences along with color, balance, and proportion. Theme party items used for decorating the table should coordinate with the menu and all other tablewares.

An attractive table is not dependent on elaborate and expensive china but how you put them together on the table. When styling my dining table or buffet table, I use the same technique we use when dressing ourself for an event and do not quite know what to wear. We generally pull out different clothing items and accessories from our closets to try on before making a final decision. It’s like having a dress rehearsal. When styling my dining table, I play around with different china patterns, flatware, linens and glasses on the table to create the look I want, then I decide on the type of centerpiece I want to incorporate into the design. An attractive table depends upon clean and pressed linens, clean dishes and serve ware, sparkling glasses, polished silver and appropriate decorations.  They should be in proportion to the table and in harmony with the surroundings.

Your color scheme should be consistent with your china pattern, table linens, flowers and color scheme of your dining area. If you like informal entertaining with a rustic atmosphere, or if you like going all out with an elegant table setting, express yourself and have fun doing it.