Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than fresh cut flowers taken straight from your garden. The Camellia bush is a great choice to include within your landscape. It has spectacular blooms that are beautiful, warm, and welcoming relief during the cold winter month. They produce a profusion of beautiful blooms from winter until spring. The flowers range in color from white to red. Red Camellia symbolizes love, passion, and refinement; pink Camellia symbolizes hope, empathy and insightfulness; and white Camellia symbolizes adoration.The bush in my mother’s yard provides plenty of flower power with an never ending supply of stunning blooms. Her Camellia bush has furnished me with constant supply of flowers and inspired me to create different ways to display arrangements.


I present Camellias three ways, these simply designs makes your efforts look professional. All you need is a few items you may already have on hand. For the floating bloom I use a wide mouth clear footed bowl; for the whimsical arrangement I use a vintage vase I found at a thrift shop; and the purse came from my collection of antique and vintage handbags. Use these designs wherever you feel like bringing love and adoration into your environment to brighten your day.

Floating Bloom

cameilla floating


Whimsical Elephant Centerpiece

elephant centerpiece


 Vintage Purse Arrangement

camellia purse

For the purse arrangement:

  • a vintage purse
  • 2 eight ounce plastic water bottles cut to fit below the height of the purse
  • fresh cut Camellia blooms


Fill the cut water bottles 1/2 full and careful place inside purse, side by side.




Add stems of flowers to the bottles of water. Do not worry about fading blooms; they bring character to the arrangement and show the flower’s natural state.



Continue adding stems of flowers until you create a balance to your arrangement. For the best design effect use odd numbers of flower stems.


The aged look of the vintage purse and faded flowers combination looks naturally well together and ready for display.